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Omnimar – Poison (2017)

I’ve got a new release by project “Omnimar” from Moscow. Let’s start step by step. The album begins with the self-titled track “Poison”, which is in fact an introduction to the album and (which I was particularly pleased with) leads to the next song.

“I go on on my own” is quite cheerful and – I am not afraid to use this word – dancing song. It evokes a desire to move, to jump, to tap your toes to the music.

After such a perky beginning, we are in for a slow song “Out of my life” with a beautiful and melodic chorus, which can be easily included in a compilation à la “Golden Synthpop Ballads”.

A sequence of slow songs continues by “I wanna know now” with female recitative and a chorus, which reminds witch house style.

The next track “Boom Boom” I have already heard in a music video that was released not so long before the album. Don’t judge me, but it’s very similar to “Little Big”: two-lined chorus and rabid energy. At the end of the song you think “And that’s all???” and set it on repeat.

After such a cheerful track we cool off with another slow song “40 steps”. And it seems to me again that is closer to witch house, or am I paranoid?

“Jimmy”. May “Omnimar” forgive me, but after the first “Jimmy-Jimmy” my mind automatically sang along “acha-acha”. I want to calm immediately those who hasn’t listened to this album yet: this song has no relation with the soundtrack to the “Disco Dancer”. At all. In general, I have nothing more to add about this song: qualitative, pleasant.

The next in this queue is “Sadism”, which is in harmony with the previous song. It’s also very cheerful, but loses its positions in comparison to the 2nd and the 5th tracks.

“Happy ending” is also slow, but by the end it turns into quite an energetic dance. Smoothed, a bit pop, it hasn’t left something in my brain, alas.

“Hungry”. Here we hear the russian language for the first time in this album. The song is very similar to “Sadism”, and I can’t add anything more about it. My mind cannot decode such metaphorical texts unfortunately.

The album closes with the song “Release me” and it is also slow. Anyways there’s something from witch house.

All material is made very qualitatively both in terms of music and in terms of sound. Definitely, the album has its own mood and style, but I still cannot figure out what it is like. “Omnimar” take all the best from different styles and create their own musical cocktail. And it’s great.

Author: Igor Xumuk

Translation: Kate Pnevskaya

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